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Huge Savings,
Try Our Best-Selling Makeup Remover
So simple, elegant, and good for you — protect your complexion and superclean away makeup with water only.

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Save your skin & reveal your natural beauty

Be good to your complexion PLUS never buy cleanser again

And go green with Maxine!

Natural beauty starts with a lovely complexion. Create a clean palate so moisturizers work effectively and save money, time, your skin (and the planet)!

Treat yourself, and people you really like, to wonderful skin with our best-selling Warsh Cloth - "The Little Miracle-Worker." It can be washed and used again and again, is perfect for all skin types and ages, and strong enough to wash away mascara. The Warsh Cloth exfoliates while you clean and is anti-bacterial.

  •   Great on irritated skin (or w rosacea)
  •   Deep cleans but won't dry like soap & cleanser
  •   Protect from chemicals/premature aging
  •   Great for those with acne-prone skin
  •   For all skin types & ages
  •   Strong enough to wash away mascara
  •   Exfoliates while you clean & is anti-bacterial

Watch how the Warsh Cloth works

Most skin care specialists are only interested in selling you their products. That's where Maxine is different and that's why I love her!
-Lydia Danner
I woke up this morning and I SWEAR my face has done some amazing transformation!! It's smoother than it's been in ages. LOVE the collagen!
-Gloria MacDonald
Now Available: The Baby Warsh Cloth. - Safe and Chemical-free for your baby's skin!


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Maxine's Warsh Cloth

Whether you want to clean your face or just be happy looking at it in the mirror for as long as possible, be gentle with it. Try The Warsh Cloth -epiCLEANSE for anti-drying/anti-aging. Join the Move to Microcurrent with Collagen Correction for proactive anti-aging treatment at home.

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3 Warsh Cloths

See what everyone's talking about. Save money, save your skin, save the environment.

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6 Warsh Cloths

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* $12.00 shipping + HST

About Maxine Warsh

The skin specialist behind The Warsh Cloth to Save Your Skin

The skin specialist behind The Warsh Cloth to Save-Your-Skin... & Join The Move to Microcurrent for facial rejuvenation is Maxine of Maxine Warsh Facial Rejuvenation. Maxine has been in the business of improving and revitalizing faces for over a decade and clients love what she does.

" I absolutely know The Warsh Cloth /aka epiCLEANSE cleans away makeup and grime with water only because I use nothing else - it's natural, reusable, recyclable, and remarkable. For a simply beautiful clean - and the perfect keepsake for guests and guest rooms, stocking stuffers, goody bags, and just because you're nice and like to make people happy. " - Maxine Warsh

My skin looks better than ever since having the microcurrent and using Maxine's products!
- Helen Valleau

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